Thursday, March 6, 2008

Firefox beta 3.1

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Firefox 3 Beta 3 review
Firefox 3 Beta 3 available for download
Posted by Percy Cabello on February 12, 2008 Print

Firefox 3 Beta 3 robot

As planned, Mozilla has released Firefox 3 Beta 3.

Before rushing to try it keep in mind it is intended mainly for developers and enthusiasts who don’t mind making a backup to minimize data loss risk and living with some bugs for the pleasure of living on the edge and being called an early adopter.

You may also want to know about some current known issues that may affect you. The new Yahoo! Mail interface and Windows Live Mail not working due to some Firefox and server bugs seem to be the most relevant right now. You can optionally go back to Yahoo! Mail Classic and Hotmail while bugs get squeezed.

Read the Firefox 3 Beta 3 review to get ready. Then download it from Mozilla. Available in more than 30 languages for Mac, Windows and Linux.

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